A Day of Eating for a Fat-Adapted Athlete

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Let’s suppose you are a healthy cycling enthusiast who commutes to work on a bike and does some longer rides on the weekend. What should your day of eating look like if you were fat-adapted? – Start the day with eggs and some vegetables, let’s say a broccoli. Add an avocado as a great source of fats and a caloric replacement for what would usually be a slice of bread. – Lunch can contain some meat, ideally a fattier cut if it’s from an organically raised animal. A colourful salad with olive oil will go nicely with it. – Nuts are an ideal snack food. You can combine them with some berries, dried fruits or a piece of chocolate with at least 70% cocoa content. – Dinner is where you have your main serving of carbs. Baked potatoes with a fish are an ideal choice for winter time. @foodfiltr

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